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    Your comapny is increasingly dependant on the Internet to grow your business. The Internet is constantly evolving and threats to your internal network is constantly increasing.  Threats among others includes viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, keyloggers and more.Thess will affect the peformance, reliability, and availability of network resources to the users of your network. Hiring security experts to take care of the network security is very costly. You will need a secure appliance to safeguard you network from these threats. implementing such kinds of network security appliances is a make sense solution for your business networks.


    One of the central themes of security is controlling access to network resources including which users can access which files or services and how users interact with network resources. Basically there are two types of security threats: internal and external. External threats are typically coming from the internet via the entry point of the network which evolves continually. Control of this entry point is done by implementing a secured firewall.


    More and more businesses, schools, government agencies and libraries are connecting to the Internet to meet their organizational and educational goals. In doing so, they are faced with the need to control access to inappropriate or objectionable Web sites. Without that control, businesses risk productivity losses, liability exposure and misallocation of bandwidth due to non-productive Web surfing.

    Benefits on Implementing a Firewall Appliance
    1. Protect your network from threats from the Internet.
    2. Allow secure connections to your internal network resources for workers on the road.
    3. Connect branch office to your Head Office securely.
    4. Control access to the Internet.
    5. Can allow multiple internet connection.



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