Moncoi Enterprise

On-Site Service/Maintenance

We provide on-site support covering a diverse range of computer services including hardware repair, software and hardware installation, computer hardware upgrade, software upgrade, anti-virus software set-up and updates, as well as problem diagnosis, problem resolution and other computer related problems at very competitive rates.
Our skilled personnel will assist in checking out on minor computer problems or setting up additional features on PC's thus  saving up on your employees valuable productive time.


Most companies have their servers, computers, printers and other peripherals connected to a network to share the resources and to work more efficiently. It is important that this network stays up running at all time without fail. If the network is down your employees will not be able to use their computers and printers and will result in loss of productive time and sometimes in loss of business.
We design, setup and support small to medium sized PC networks. Our personnel would maintain your network at all time to minimize down time and therefore minimize disruption your your business. We provide the following networking services:   
-Network hardware installation
-Network configuration and administration
-Network diagnosis and resolution


For customers who want the peace of mind from knowing that all their IT requirements are provided for, we provide a complete maintenance service to cover all your IT needs. This includes phone support, hardware maintenance, backup and recovery service, diagnosis and resolution of computer-related problems, and periodic software maintenance with patches and virus software update. We also provide hardware maintenance for Epson dot matrix printers, HP laser printers and HP plotters. Complete maintenance contract service can also include maintenance of Windows Servers.

With our skilled personnel, you do not have to hire one or more IT professionals full-time to suit your needs.